Aeroplane Jane

What a wonderful week it has been! I say it a lot but I feel so incredibly blessed to have a space where I can offer parents an opportunity where they can bond with their little ones. It is so special to see the smiles on moms & dads faces when they see their little bundles enjoying their spa sessions. It is the best feeling when a baba looks deep into their parent’s eyes and the spa session awakens a smile. It feels like unwrapping a present on Christmas morning when you were a little kid.

As parents, we get so distracted and enthralled in working life, daily chores, technology, problems & just life in general. Time flies by and before we know it our children are grown up. I don’t feel we spend nearly enough quality time with our babys and kids anymore. Sometimes this time needs to be scheduled and we need to be reminded of the importance thereof. That is what makes the group classes and baby spa sessions so amazing, as you are physically ‘scheduling’ quality time with your baba. Obviously, you can’t schedule these every day, as that would just not be feasible and financially be crazy, but these sessions act as regular reminders of how important and how fulfilled you feel when you do switch off from the world and are encompassed in your baby’s little bubble.

I love sitting at the window seat when flying, as you slowly gain altitude, you become more and more aware that your problems that you are experiencing is but a mere speck in the greater scheme of things. We get so trapped in our own issues, we often forget to live & experience life.

For this reason, we also have the Mommy Mornings, it is an amazing opportunity for mom’s to step outside of the house & just hear from other mom’s that what they are experiencing is normal, to gain a little perspective again. I look forward to our next Mommy Morning end of July. This time however I am going to have to limit the number of mom’s due to space constraints (I am so sorry!). I am very grateful for the great interest though! There really is a need for a safe space where moms can connect and get out of the house.

I wish I could offer an opportunity for mom’s to get into an aeroplane, gain some perspective and return again but alas, that would not be feasible financially hahaha!


<3 <3 <3

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