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Josslyn Gym

Once upon a time, there was your everyday girl. You could call her the typical girl next door. Blond hair (albeit bottle blond hair) & blue eyes. She studied, kissed a few frogs, found her prince (her prince was awesome, not your everday guy) got married, worked and lived your normal every day life.

♬♪Frank Sinatra comes to mind:

"Love and marriage, love and marriage

They go together like a horse and carriage

This I tell you, brother

You can't have one without the other..."♫♪

Just over a year ago her and her prince, decided they were ready for the stork to come make a delivery. And so, Mr Stork dropped off a beautiful baby girl on the 4th of May (A Star Wars Baby - may the fourth be with you). Josslyn was her name.

Pregnancy had felt very abstract and unreal. The girl next door, was shell shocked with the arrival of the little munchkin. She was quickly overwhelmed with a strong sense of wanting to nurture this perfect little being. She was drawn into and locked in a baby bubble where everything she did was aimed at providing the best possible start for her bundle of joy. She started performing specific activities to enhance her little girl's development, when these activities were performed, she coined it "Josslyn Gym". She also came across the most amazing concept offering hydrotherapy to babies! This excited her so much she made a crazy decision, left her job and these ideas evolved into what is now 'Baby Bubble'.. Baby Bubble offers mom's the opportunity to take their baby for spa sessions and perform a myriad of developmental activities & attend workshops with their babies under the guidance of qualified professionals. An environment where mom's can stimulate, nurture and bond with their babies. There is no happy ending to this tale, it is merely the beginning!

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