Improves Sleep

Aids digestion & reduces gas in colicky babies

Enhances well-being

Enhances respiratory function

Improves cardiovascular function

Supports mental development

Enhances kidney function

Enhances physical development

Develops co-ordination

Vestibular Stimulation

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of a Baby Bubble Spa session?

Hydrotherapy is a unique sensory experience for your honey pie. Water has qualities which we cannot be replicated in air. These qualities include:

  • Hydrostatic Pressure:
    • The ‘squeezing’ effect of water called Hydrostatic pressure can reduce gas in colicky babies (refer to 'What does it Cost? for special packages for colicky babies).
    • This same effect also allows the respiratory muscles to expand the lungs against resistance which improves the strength of the intercostal muscles. It is thus excellent for preemies.
    • The cardiovascular system also benefits from hydrostatic pressure. It improves circulation, therefore squeezing the deoxygenated blood back to the heart to be oxygenated again. The effort the heart needs to put in to pump blood to the rest of the body increases, however the efficiency of the cardiovascular system increases.
    • Circulation to deeper muscles improves resulting in better delivery of oxygen and removal of waste products from the muscles.
    • Neck depth immersion could possibly enhance brain blood-flow. This could potentially improve brain function including cognition & memory. In summary it could enhance the mental development of your bubs.
    • Renal efficiency also improves, therefore it aids kidney function.
  • Denser than air
    • Water is denser than air, therefore it offers resistance when moving in it. While your sweet pea is moving his/her little limbs in the water, they are constantly working against resistance. This improves the strength of the muscles. Basically, it is a whole body workout – enhancing your baby’s physical development. It is also excellent to prevent low muscle tone and management of babies with low muscle tone.
  • Temperature
    • The temperature in the infant flotation pods are controlled. This allows the munchkins to relax which has a positive effect on their nervous systems that can easily become overstimulated.

Further benefits include:

  • Improved sleep post- spa sessions due to all the physiological changes while being immersed in water.
  • The movement of the water and free flotation challenges the baby’s vestibular system (the system in the inner ear involved in balance). The vestibular system matures quite early in infants. Vestibular stimulation could positively affect behavioural and developmental changes in infants.
  • Your baby will gain confidence in the water which could enhance the introduction to swimming after the 6 month period.
  • Until your baby starts crawling, he/she will be dependant on you to move from Point A to Point B. Infant flotation is the only situation where he/she can move from Point A to B without any assistance (If you considered a walking ring as an option, remember walking rings are a strict no-no as it can delay development). It is thus quite a liberating and empowering experience for your baby.

Is it safe?

The flotatie rests under baby’s chin and the occipital bone (a big flat bone at the back of the skull). Your Mini-Me becomes weightless when in the water – one of the wonderful qualities of water – therefore the floatie's main function is just keeping baby floating vertically in the water. This allows your baby to benefit from the wonderous properties of water.

We follow strict hygeine procedures to ensure there is no cross contamination between our little guests. All parties hands must be santized upon entering the hydro room. Swim towels, nappy covers and towels which baba's are massaged on are replaced after each session. Surfaces and the floor is cleaned regularly with hypochloride solutions. Floaties are washed and cleaned after every use.

Your baby spa Instructor will also always be of good health, if we ourselves show any signs of illness we do postpone bookings to avoid spreading of germs and maintain the health of your little one.

The water is purified with Ozone Purification. Ozone removes germs, wastes, odours and tastes without using any chemicals which would be harmful to your baby’s sensitive skin.

Our flotation pods have been designed to ensure babies are at arm’s length at all times. We will ensure your baby is comfortable, and be aware of signs that baby is becoming overstimulated.

What does it cost?

Click Here for the pricelist.

How do I prepare for our first visit?

Ensure that your sugar plum is well rested before his/her session. The session should ideally be right after a good nap.

Also ensure that bubs had their feed quite recently. We do have a private feeding room which you are more than welcome to utilise if need be.

Please arrive at least 10 - 15minutes prior to your scheduled time in order to complete some forms and feed bubs if the need arises.

Be aware that all bookings need to be made in advance. We don't service 'walk-ins' for baby spa sessions. You are however welcome to pop in any time to view the facility or view baby spa sessions through the floor to roof viewing panel.

What can I expect during our session?

If it is your baby's first time you will first be informed of what the session entails along with the various benefits and you will need to complete a series of pre-screening forms. We will then make our way into the hydro-room. You will then undress your sweet pea and put on a complimentary swim nappy. Our staff will then secure the floatie with your assistance.

Your baby will then twist, splash and kick for about 10 – 30 minutes. Some babies are so relaxed, they even fall asleep – remember simply being immersed in the water already poses amazing benefits. You can then talk to your baby and watch as they are enjoying their Baby Bubble Spa experience. We encourage interaction between parents, loved ones and our floating guests of honour. This is a wonderful time for bonding.

You are more than welcome to take photos and short video clips. Video clips are to remain short as to not interfere with the flow of the session. Please do not take photos of any other babies other than your own.

After 15 – 30 minutes OR alternatively when our staff realises that baby may be becoming over-stimulated we will remove your sweet cherub from the water. Our qualified IAIM (International Association of Infant Massage) Instructor will proceed by teaching you strokes which you physically will be performing on your baby. During each session, you will be taught a new body part which you can then practice at home.

How long does each session last?

Your baby will dictate the length of the session. It depends on baby's level of tolerance for stimulation on the specific day. If we have a shorter float we will have a longer massage session and visa versa. Sessions generally last for about 45 minutes to an hour.

The more regularly baby's come for hydrotherapy sessions, the more they extend their time in the water, the more they benefit from the sessions.

Can I bring a guest?

It is such a unique experience which is lovely to share with friends & family. We usually encourage guests to come along however we can only accomodate 2 guests per session.

HOWEVER, due to the COVID pandemic, we now only accept the 1 additional guest - no more would be allowed into the facility as to maintain the safety of our patrons and staff.

How often should we attend?

We recommend at least once a week in order to take advantage of all the benefits.

Competitive packages are available if multiple sessions are purchased in advance. Refer to: What does it cost?

What should I expect after a spa session?

Your sugar lump will be hungry, if home is quite far we do recommend feeding baby directly after the session. This will ensure your bubs is relaxed and ready for a long nap, giving parents an opportunity to get in some much needed R&R or to run some errands. You may also expect a poop nappy. Some parents have also reported improved sleep the night of a flotation session.

What are the age limits?

We facilitate babies as soon as their umbilical cords has fall off and dried (minimum weight 2.25kg) up until 6 months of age, presuming bubs is a full term baby. In preemies we can continue up until their corrected age.
We do not recommend doing a baby spa session at 6 months without prior approval.

Cancellation Policy, Vouchers & General Ts & Cs

Please refer to the following document for our Cancellation Policy, Baby Spa Voucher Purchases as well as an overview of the Ts & Cs relating to specific packages.

Are the floaties hard?

No, the floaties are made of a lightweight, foam material, very similar to the popular Bumbo seats. It has a gloss finish to allow appropriate sterilization after each use. Our floaties are trademarked, patented and proudly imported. They are only distributed to approved baby spa's globally and offer maximum comfort for our little guests.

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