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What do we offer?

With a firm foundation in hydrotherapy, physiology and general medical practices, Baby Bubble has become Pretoria's Premier Infant Aquatics Centre serving little one's from 2 weeks old to 2+ years of age..


▪️ Our services are professional & customer-centric

▪️ Our founder has a masters degree in the field of health sciences

▪️ Baby Bubble staff are well-qualified & have an exemplary interpersonal skill-set to create the perfect environment for swimming & water safety skills to be learnt

▪️ Our facility is well-maintained & inviting with high standards of hygiene

Baby Bubble has three wings:

1. Baby Spa: serving little ones as young as 2 weeks old to 6 months of age.

2. Baby Swim Gym: water safety/awareness and baby swimming appropriate for 5 - 24 months of age.

3. Online Course: a course offered on a world-class online learning platform, teaching you everything you need to know to open your own baby spa directed to those living outside of South African borders.


It's not just a baby spa session, or swimming, it's etching priceless memories, setting an unparalleled start to your little one's journey in water.

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