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This is a single baby spa session. It consists of hydrotherapy and massage instruction and lasts for about an hour. Maximum number of babies per session is two. Pods can be shared unless otherwise requested. Your first session will always be by yourself.

Single Baby Spa Session

SKU: 0001
  • Baby Spa Sessions offers a variety of benefits including aiding milestone achievement, facilitating mental & physical development, reducing gas & wind, facilitating the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, improving core stability and more..  A single sessions offers baba the opportunity to benefit from a relaxation point of view, reducing cortisol levels (stress hormone) and facilitating reduction in gas and constipation. You will also learn some massage strokes which can be performed at home. It is highly likely that bubs will have a good nap afterwards. A single spa session is a lovely activity for parents to spend with their baby outside of the house. 

  • 1. Baby Spa Bookings are non-refundable after the five-day cooling off period as per the Consumer Protection Act.

    2. We have a 5-hour cancellation policy. If you or your bubs shows any signs of illness please do postpone the appointment.

    3. Postponements need to be made in writing (WhatsApp or Email) at least 5 hours prior to the scheduled booking.

    4. Postponements/cancellations which are not made within the time period stipulated forfeits 50% of the amount paid. No-Shows forfeits 100% of the fee paid.

    5. It is up to you to ensure you know when your spa booking is. Baby Bubble cannot be held liable missed sessions.

    6. Baby Spa Bookings made cannot be exchanged for workshops, group classes or items in the boutique.

    7. Baby Spa Bookings can be transferred or offered as a gift to somebody other than the buyer.


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