Stimulates creativity & imagination which boosts brain development

Enhances Fine Motor Skill Development

Stimulates the Senses

An opportunity for Bonding with Parents

An opportunity for interaction with other babies

Enhances music appreciation & readiness for formal music education

Rythmic skills boosts numeracy & literacy

Increases confidence

Enhances Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Enhances Gross Motor Skill Development

Frequently asked questions

What is Music Box?

Music Box preschool music programme that incorporates:

  • Playing percussion instruments
  • Singing
  • Creative music
  • Relaxation & stretching
  • Positive affirmations

Inside the Music Box class, lies the magic and wonder of a world filled with musical FUN, silly songs, imagination, relaxation, lots of learning, instrument play ad important technical, emotional and physical skills, all through the use of MUSIC as a tool.

What ages does Music Box cater for?

Music box is a fun, interactive Music & Movement programme that caters for babies from 6 months to 6 years.

Baby Bubble hosts classes up until 18 months of age. We are currently exploring options for continuity of the programme at a venue in close proximity.

What does it cost?

Fees are R1320 per term (12 sessions in a term) and a R120.00 annual registration fee. Total classes for the year are a minimum of 36 classes.

The fees will be adjusted accordingly if you join in the middle of the term.(Pro-rata fees)

How long does each session last?

Classes are 45 minutes once a week during a set term. Total classes for the year are a minimum of 36 classes.

When are Music Box sessions?

Music Box classes run on Wednesdays at 09:00 at Baby Bubble.

Terms are the same as the independant schools calendar.

Who can I contact for more info?

Kindly contact Owner & Music Coach Karen Arnet van Vuuren at

You can also read up more about music box by clicking here.

We look forward to hosting your Music Box sessions at Baby Bubble!


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Bookings need to be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.

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