Promotes learning & higher IQ

Increases confidence

Stimulates effective two-way communication

Reduces un-explainable emotional outbursts

Aids teaching good manners at a young age

Enhances brain development

Enhances fine motor skills

Encourages billingualism

Enhances gross motor skills

Rewarding for parents

Frequently asked questions

Why attend Einstein Hands classes?

The Einsteinhands program equips you with the necessary knowledge and tools to enable you to teach easy 'sign language vocabulary' to children from 6 months to 6 years of age. It's based on the principle of 'whole brain and motor skills development'. This programme introduces age-appropriate signing/gesturing, music and 'real- life images' from baby stages, and makes learning a natural part of daily living.

You can read more about the Einstein Hands programme by clicking here.

How does sign language influence spoken language?

Many people are misinformed with regards to signing. People may say that a child will start talking later because they are ‘lazy’. This is a myth and there is no evidence supporting that notion, in actual fact, studies show it accelerates speech development.

Signing requires fine motor skills. Fine motor skills and language use the same neural pathways therefore practicing fine motor skills when practicing various signs, will enhance language development. Secondly, sign language is a multi-sensory method of stimulation. It provides children with the ability to learn a second or third language a lot more easily as the new words are connected to something familiar. It therefore supports bilingualism. For example, the sign for a dog (English), inja (Zulu) or hond (Afrikaans), stays the same. When the word is supported by a visual (seeing the word), kinaesthetic (doing the word) and auditory (hearing the word), learning is re-inforced.

When can we start?

You can start signing when your sweat pea is at the age of 6 months.

What can I expect during our first class?

Sugar lump is not going to start signing until about 7 – 10 months (girls generally start signing more quickly than boys). The classes this early on teaches mommies the sign language vocabulary which needs to be practiced on a daily basis with baba. The words you learn at first will be of a practical nature which you would need to continually repeat after classes i.e. changing a nappy, thirsty, hungry etc.

The more you repeat the quicker baby will learn and once the fine motor skills are at a point that allows bubs to better control their hands you will be amazed how quickly their signing vocabulary grows.

What does it cost?

We function on a per term basis. Each term is give or take 12 weeks. A term costs R800.

There is 1 timeslot available per week.

We highly recommend that you purchase a Sign Language Toolkit which costs R1399. This toolkit includes a manual, flip chart, DVD, pocket dictionary and flash cards which you can utilise until your child is 6 years of age. This toolkit is not sold separately as we have realised it is not as effective if it is not performed with the classes. The classes provides structure and aids mommies in gradually developing their (and their bubs) sign language skills. The purchase of this toolkit is not mandatory as weekly resources will also be sent to you over whatsapp from the class instructors.

How long does each session last?

Sign language sessions typically last 30 minutes. Einsteinhands utilises music, visual objects and rhymes in the sessions which keeps it fun and interactive.


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