Restores abdominal strength

Boosts energy levels

Prevents post-partum depression

Promotes better sleep

Relieves stress

Breaks monotony

Facilitates weightloss

Promotes bonding with baby

Increase lean muscle mass

Look and feel good

Frequently asked questions

Why attend Baby Bootcamp classes?

Once your long awaited cherub has been born you are going to enter a whirlwind of eating, sleeping baby – baby – baby. You are going to feel a bit out of touch with yourself for the first few weeks as you try figure out what has just hit you. As mom’s we quickly lose sight of ourselves and our own wellbeing. Working up a sweat goes a long way in enhancing how we feel and that is the goal of Baby Bootcamp.

The challenge however, especially during the first few months, is being able to fit in a workout amongst your motherly duties. With Baby Bootcamp, that is not an obstacle, rather it is an opportunity! Your baby will be utilised as weight in certain exercises, other times your little bundle will be staring deeply into your eyes, as you set a good example and are performing fun exercises. It is also beneficial for baby to spend some time, unsupported on the floor. This will promote bubs to practice some gross-motor skills while all the while watching mom working up a light sweat.

Working out in this manner makes it number 1: possible to get in a workout and number 2: offers an opportunity to bond with your little one – and at Baby Bubble we are all about bonding!

When can I start exercising?

If you had a natural birth without any complications you can start exercising soon after birth when 'you' feel ready to start. In the event that you had a c-section you would need to get doctor’s approval first. It would usually be about 6 – 8 weeks post c-section.

We do however recommend that you start going for walks as soon as possible after a c-section as it will assist in preventing blood clots and aid recovery.

Up until when can I continue with Baby Bootcamp?

We recommend continuing with Baby Bootcamp up until your bubs is around 6 months of age. By this time you should be nice and strong, and your daily routine should be at a point where you can continue with more traditional forms of training again.

Baby Bootcamp also becomes a challenge when bubs starts to crawl hence why we cap it at 6 months.

Who will be offering Baby Bootcamp classes?

Baby Bootcamp classes will be offered by Elizma a qualified BASI Pilates Instructor and a mom. She specialises in pre-post natal exercise. You can therefore rest assured that you are in the best possible hands.

What does it cost?

Drop-In classes cost R100.

4 sessions = R350.

8 sessions = R600.

How long does each session last?

The sessions last 45 minutes.

What should I bring along?

A baby wrap (we have beautiful wraps available in store), a water bottle, sweat towel & of course your bubs. We have a feeding room which you can utilise at any time.

How hard is the workout?

The workouts are of light to moderate intensity. The goal is to get moving post-birth, and to interact and bond with your baby while doing it. If your expectations are to slowly get back into working out post-birth, connect with other moms and to spend some time with your baby outside of the house while doing so - then Baby Bootcamp is for you :-)


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Bookings need to be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.

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