Improves Brain Development

Enhances Gross Motor Skill Development

Enhances Fine Motor Skill Development

Stimulates the Senses

An opportunity for Bonding with Parents

An opportunity for interaction with other babies

Enhances Social Development

Aids achievement of Milestones

Increases confidence

Enhances Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Frequently asked questions

Why attend Mommy & Me Play Plan?

As parents, it is our function to provide appropriate learning opportunities, activities and materials which will help our little bundles to grow in all areas of development, including motor, social, language and cognitive development.

Simply put, experience leads to learning. If a baby is not exposed to something, they will not learn, they will not develop. Baby’s need stimulation, they need to be exposed to things that excite their senses. It has been shown that a stimulating environment has a positive influence on brain development in children.

Babies who were exposed to a barren environment with no stimulation and limited human contact do not develop in the same way as babies who have warm, responsive caregiver’s and live in a setting with more opportunities for stimulation. This is how Baby Bubble’s mission arose, to provide an environment for stimulation, bonding & nurturing – do you now see the importance thereof?

There is also a right time to start exposing baby to certain forms of stimulation as they develop. A stimulation activity may not be appropriate in the first 3 months but will be appropriate from 4 months onwards. The Mommy & Me Play Plan takes the guess work out for you and ensures you provide your bubs with the correct form of stimulation based on their levels of development.

Human beings grow most rapidly during the first 24 months. Time is of the essence, there are windows of opportunity for development during the first 2 years and if these windows are missed, it could impact your child for life. Luckily, in most loving homes these windows aren’t necessarily missed. However, the Mommy & Me Play Play offers an opportunity to go ‘above and beyond’ in offering your baby the best possible opportunity to develop in the comfort of your own home which will set bubs up for a bright future.

Which Mommy & Me class should I enrol for?

We have divided the Mommy & Me Play Plan into stages. You can decide to attend all five workshops or just attend the stage which you bubs currently falls under or is nearing.

  • Stage 1: 0 – 3 months
  • Stage 2: 3 – 6 months
  • Stage 3: 7 – 9 months
  • Stage 4: 10 – 12 months
  • Mommy & Me Play Plan Craft Workshop

Who developed the Mommy & Me curriculum?

The curriculum has been developed by Melissa Pretorius who is an Occupational Therapist. She has the credentials and she is currently completing her Masters degree in Sensory Integration in infants.

You can rest assured that the curriculum will constantly be updated with the latest scientific research.

Can I bring my partner along?

We do encourage dads to join as the week goes by quickly and it is especially hard for working dads and moms to get quality time with their bubs. These workshops are perfect to catch-up on some much needed quality time with your baby cheeks. The other option is to bring a nanny along. Unfortunately no more than 1 additional guest due to space constraints.

Who offers the Mommy & Me Play Plan Workshops?

At Baby Bubble we want to ensure that you are offered programmes from professionals with the required credentials.

It is for this reason that our Mommy & Me Play Plan workshops are developed and offered by an Occupational Therapist. The benefit thereof is that you will be able to receive expert advice on age-appropriate stimulatory activities for your bubs.

What does it cost?

R300 per workshop including a Mommy & Me Play Plan which will be sent through in electronic format.

How do I prepare for our first workshop?

Ensure that sweet pea was recently fed and is well rested before the workshop. It can be a very stimulating environment and can easily lead to overstimulation if bubs did not have a good nap.

Arrive 10minutes beforehand so that you can do a nappy change if the need arises prior to the start of the class.

Dress yourself (and dad) and bubs in comfortable clothing.

We have a quiet feeding room which you are more than welcome to utilise at any time, before, during or after the workshop.

What will I learn from the Mommy & Me Play Plan Workshops?

At the end of the workshops, you will

  • understand your babys current phase of development
  • know which milestones to expect in the next couple of weeks
  • have knowledge as to why the specific age-appropriate stimulation activities are important from a long-term development point of view
  • walk-away with a 12-week curriculum in electronic format which can be performed at home on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, with your baby
  • additionally be able to provide this curriculum to your nanny to perform during the week

What are the dates?

  • Stage 1: 0 – 3 months ( Tues 4 Sept 13:30 - 15:30)
  • Stage 2: 3 – 6 months ( Sat 15 Sept 09:30 - 11:30)
  • Stage 3: 7 – 9 months ( Sat 22 Sept 09:30 - 11:30)
  • Stage 4: 10 – 12 months ( Sat 13 Oct 09:30 - 11:30)
  • Mommy & Me Play Plan Craft Workshop (Sat 25 Aug 12:00 - 13:30)


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